Becoming a Multi-Talent: Interview with Kieth Yap

Maybe you're like Kieth, talented at more than just one thing.

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In this episode we discuss how to manage your desire to develop skills in two distinctly different fields. Kieth Yap is an contemporary visual artist and a school teacher. 

Podcast Episode snapshot:

  • Define and review your key strengths
  • 'Following your passion' isn't always good advice
  • Decide whether they are ranked the same or differently
  • Within your skills, carefully choose sets of sub-skills
  • Be responsible, yet take creative risks
  • Skills from unrelated employment can be transferrable
  • Find a niche requires patience 
  • Skills get utilised in a different order (and timing) to what we expect
Image: Supplied by artist

Image: Supplied by artist

About Kieth Yap

Kieth contributes consistently to many academic, professional and community projects. He is principally a Draughtsman-Illustrator and has been doing so since he can remember. Printmaking, portraiture and transforming 2D into 3D encompasses his practice.

He is interested in a diverse range of materials, their properties and recently, looks to common stationary as the catalyst in the creation of Fine Art pieces.

‘Creative education is a powerful motivator. Self-expression is most important in the holistic development of students in high school. Engaging and capacitating within the subject of Visual Arts has purpose through the concept-to-product cycle … alongside their development of reflexive attitudes for later life.’

Kieth’s goal is to continue as a post-graduate, within the fields of Public / Special Education. At current, he works at Dubbo College and an Educator for the Biennale of Sydney, 2016.

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