4 Ways to Improve Your Digital Diet

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Dominate Your Mobile Notifications

As a Century citizen, we need to analyse the things that compete for our attention on mobile phones and tablets.

In this mini episode, we explore 4 ways you can Dominate Your Notifications, to create more mental energy.

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4 Way Manage Your Notifications like a Pro

 1) Understand the Different Alert Types:

Explore the settings section of your mobile device, and look at the different ways that notifications can be displayed and interacted with. In most cases, there are 2 response types:

Manual - Requires you to interact with the alert in order to dismiss it. This option is perfect for important notifications that relate to your work, schedule or finances.

Automatic - The message is displayed, and will then disappear after a few seconds. For less vital alerts, this option is a great way to keeping across less important/urgent items, such as social media updates.

2) Do an Awareness Audit

Are you aware of the amount time you give to notifications? During the working week or on holidays, the time can add up to an amount that might be surprisingly large.

Experiment with turning off the notifications for all of the mobile/tablet applications that you feel comfortable with. Disable more than you aim to keep off. Keep them off for 3-4 days, then evaluate which notifications you wish you'd kept on and the ones you didn't miss at all. The results may be a pleasant surprise! In some cases, you may even like to keep them off altogether.

3) Automate Time Out

Reclaiming 'digital time out' shouldn't be a difficult task. When exploring the features within your device, you'll find that manufacturers have included ways to set scheduled functions for turning on 'do not disturb' (DND) mode and 'night shift' screen mode (changes from regular blue light, to a softer yellow-toned screen light).

I've set my mobile phone to automatically activate 'DND' and 'Night Shift' mode from 11pm until 7am the next morning. You can still receive all phone calls and text messages, however they are audibly different or muted. 

4) Batch Response Time

If you'd like to respond to all your notifications during the day, yet not the second they come in, then it may be helpful to read and reply to notifications in batches. Then allows you to give your 100% focus to them, then you're able to move on to your next task - reallocating 100% of your attention.

Where do I start?

Not sure how to how to manage the settings of your digital device? Below are some helpful links to get you started:

Apple iPhone/iPad: Guide to Notifications

Android phones: Guide to Notifications