We just can't stop spending it!

Busy? There's not enough of it. Bored? There's too much of it. We hunt for more of it. It's about time.

It's no secret that I love watches. Everyone has their signature item they like to wear. Some love their old black jeans; for me, a nice time piece is definitely my go-to item every time. Days, hours and minutes wind their way into every corner of our lives, regardless of how determined we are to deny them access.

It seems to have a way of imprinting value onto both moments and material things alike. Is it that our favourite jeans feel vintage that makes them special? Or that we have the very latest model iPhone that makes us feel like an insider? Is it the scarcity of the one-night-only concert that makes us happy to pay high ticket prices?

Together over the coming blog and podcast editions, we're going to be discovering simple things we can do to create significant shifts in how we think about time:

  1. When to start new things (like a new business)
  2. How to validate spending it (I'll share my simple 3-point system)
  3. How to let things come to an end (not everything is forever)
  4. How to use time to add value to everyday tasks (easier than it sounds)

Until then, over to you. What are your favourite time management hacks? Leave a comment, and #LiveToAccomplish.