Show 2016 who's Boss: Online Event + Toolkit

You're invited to my FIRST Facebook Live session.

By now you've most likely attended a rush of Christmas parties, battled shopping traffic and are tying up loose ends at work for the year. Your well deserved rest is coming.

Before you give into the temptation to just to crash and put your feet up, I encourage you to do what very few people do; evaluate your year. That's why I'm inviting you to jump on the live video session with us, and ask yourself some questions that will prompt solid, productive thinking.

Felt like you had a bad year?

Then this is for you. When you compare how a year 'felt' versus how the year actually 'went', you might just be pleasantly surprised with what you uncover. 

Most of us, are like the rest of us.

Let's be honest, I've had a rough year. I figured I needed to dig deep and analyse how the year unfolded. My hope is as I share my process, some of you will find it helpful in setting you up for an amazing New Year.

See you in the session, N.
#LivetoAccomplish #2016Boss

  • When: Thursday 22 December 2016, 7pm (Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time)
  • Where: Watch the replay here or on Facebook

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